• Rational Governance

    Identify and control all enterprise data in place.

Rational Governance is an enterprise software platform powering industry-based solutions involving the identification, understanding, classification, and management of data. Its core technologies are:

Lightweight software deployed against an organization’s critical unstructured data sources (e.g., PCs, mail systems, file shares, document management systems, etc.) that feeds a unified index of content residing in those stores.

A central server, allowing centralized search and in-place administration and control of all indexed content; and

Advanced analytical tools, including advanced machine-learning algorithms that enable automated content classification and big data analytics.

Management of data is effectuated via our analytical tools on a policy- or project-basis. Management includes the ability to preserve, destroy, copy, move, or be alerted to the existence of any piece of content across the enterprise from a central location. The Rational Governance platform is ideally suited for controlling risk, improving operational efficiency, and expanding knowledge.

In-place Visibility

Gain visibility into all enterprise content and metadata, no matter where it resides.

Centralized Index & Metrics

Unite content and metadata from disparate stores and view key data metrics.

Integrated Analytics with Document Viewing & Tagging

View and tag enterprise documents and perform advanced search for the management of data.

Integration with Rational Review

Load data into your RR instance seamlessly, and at no cost.

Optional Capabilities

Automated Content Classification

Use Rational Analytics’ integrated machine-learning tools to perform document classification, including in-place predictive coding and collection, for the understanding and management of data.

Policy Enforcement

Enforce any type of document retention policy on data where it resides without end-user involvement. These capabilities include:

Preserve & Hold

Keep documents that need to be kept, without creating copies.

Push-button Collect

Quickly and easily effect a forensically-sound collect to our integrated review platform (or any other).

Alerts & Monitoring

Monitor employees and receive alerts for any content-related event.

Move & Copy

Ensure that documents are stored in the correct locations.

Enterprise Content Management

Use RG’s integrated ECM tool for document and records management.

Defensible Delete

Defensibly delete all copies of a document.


Rational Governance supports true Information Lifecycle and Records Management through centralized policy-based management of distributed content. RG administrators can design and effectuate any policy involving copy, move, preserve, delete, or alert actions on managed content. For content that is moved into our integrated content management system, records retention schedules can be applied to dictate the lifespan of a document.

Legacy Data Cleanup and Remediation

Many companies have accumulated vast stores of unorganized, poorly understood, and rarely accessed documents that serve little or no business value. To address this problem, Rational Governance may be deployed as an appliance connected directly to a legacy data store; using RG’s integrated auto-classification engine, companies can identify those documents that must be retained and defensibly destroy the balance.

Storage Optimization

By enabling the defensible enforcement of an enterprise’s records retention polices, Rational Governance allows companies to destroy data that it is no longer required to keep, therefore dramatically decreasing the storage requirements for files shares, document management systems, and email servers.

Regulatory and Policy Compliance

With Rational Governance installed, an organization can enforce the access, movement, and lifecycle of its data.  RG can also proactively and defensibly avoid compliance violations by training the system to recognize potentially problematic communications and behavior and alert administrators should they be detected.

Transparency & Audit

With Rational Governance installed, an organization knows the history of every document, including where it resides and who interacted with it. If a compliance issue arises, an organization can begin to identify relevant documents from all data stores immediately and automatically through RG’s advanced analytics and integrated machine-learning tools.  Those documents can be controlled centrally or collected to a review platform to quickly and cost-effectively respond to investigatory and discovery demands.

Data Privacy, Security, and Loss Prevention

Rational Governance tracks and controls every document within an organization from the moment of creation; from then on, the system gathers metadata about where documents have been sent and who has accessed them. RG can notify administrators regarding the access, movement, or deletion of data, and ensure that data necessary for business operation is not intentionally or unintentionally moved or deleted. Moreover, information a company wishes to keep secure can be moved out of high-risk areas. In particular, Personally Identifiable Information or data categorized as private may be identified and remediated.

Content Management & Project Collaboration

Rational Governance is able to integrate with an enterprise's content management system, thereby enhacing its usefulness. If an organization does not have a CMS already installed, RG includes, at no additional cost, a fully integrated, robust, and highly scalable content management solution based on Alfresco. The RG CMS supports search, versioning, check-in, check- out, workflow, a DOD 5015.2 compliant records management module, and a rich set of collaboration tools.

Internal Discovery & Investigatory Preparedness and Response

When a litigation or investigation arises, an organization can use Rational Governance for immediate case assessment. With RG installed, documents residing anywhere in the enterprise can be centrally, automatically, and transparently searched, analyzed, held, and collected to a review repository. RG can even search documents already within an enterprise’s Rational Review repositories. RG’s integrated machine-learning technology can be used at the data sources to further ensure that any and only truly responsive data is being seen and/or collected, dramatically reducing litigation costs.

Data Migration

Rational Governance can assist in porting your data from on-premises legacy systems to new cloud applications, while simultaneously performing data remediation and maintaining your IG policies.

Knowledge Management

Rational Governance provides a uniquely clear window into the full breadth and depth of content across the enterprise.  The result is unparalleled visibility into the work, expertise, and knowledge of all staff and the implicit business processes and decision-making employed across the organization.

Business Intelligence

Industry-standard Business Intelligence tools may be easily deployed against the central server to further investigate and understand the inner-workings of the enterprise.

Big Data Analytics

The explosion of data created by and available to the enterprise presents an unprecedented opportunity for new insights into to the business environment, the mind of the customer, and the operations of the organization. Rational Analytics’ predictive modeling tools integrated into Rational Governance enable the analysis of potentially millions of variables to discover the key components and relationships driving complex systems and behaviors. 

RA is able to customize the algorithms at its disposal to answer any number of important business questions and help organizations gain valuable insights into how to enhance value, including market analysis, customer and competitor profiling and behavioral analysis, staffing, company culture, employee satisfaction and productivity, performance management, implicit and explicit decision-making, and a myriad of other management and operational insights.

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