• Rational Review

    Search, cull, review, and produce data.

Rational Review is a hosted software-as-a-service or on-premises repository for analytics and review.

This full-featured software is backed by an experienced and dedicated client services team. RR is a clear choice over the various competing point solution review platforms:

RR is offered at a fraction of the cost of most alternatives. Pricing is simple and predictable, with a fixed-fee schedule for unlimited users and matters, tiered based on the amount of data. Organizations using this repository in concert with Rational Governance will realize further savings, as loading and processing activities and fees are completely eliminated.
RR’s massive scalability and robust processing capabilities powered by an Oracle database make it the most reliable platform available.
RR’s software functionality includes the most advanced analytics, a workflow engine that dramatically improves efficiency, and self-provisioning of all site activities.

Matter Dashboard

View a status summary of all open matters, including key metrics and activity history.

Advanced Analytics

Perform the most basic to the most advanced search.

Review & Coding

View, tag, and code documents manually using a sophisticated yet user-friendly review pane.

Workflow Engine

Track and automate the handling of all loading, culling, search, review, and production activities.

Granular Security & Data Segregation

Allow multiple parties to have various levels of access to the repository and its data.


Self-administer all site activity through exposed settings.

Scalable Infrastructure

Rest assured in RR’s reliability and robust processing capabilities, powered by an Oracle database.

Integration with Rational Governance

Load data from your RG instance seamlessly, and at no cost.

Optional Capabilities

Automated Content Classification

Use Rational Analytics’ integrated machine-learning tools to perform predictive coding for automated document review.

Self Load & Produce

Easily manage high-volume loading of all types of data, including natives, text, images, and produced documents with load files. Configurable loading processes incudes exact and near duplicate detection, OCR, and TIFFing. High-volume productions capabilities include flexible Bates stamping, slip sheeting, configurable redactions, and load file creation.

White Labeling

Brand the RR portal with your company logo.

Litigation Culling, Review, and Production

Rational Review provides rich capabilities for document analytics, review, and production. It includes: direct document loading via our Rational Governance agents or through a simple, but powerful import tool; analytics, such as concept search, communications mapping, near-duplicate and thread detection; as well as full coding, redaction, and export capabilities. RR can be hosted on our secure and redundant data centers or within an enterprise to help keep data secure; both options allow for immediate upload and multi-party access.

Predictive Coding

Documents within Rational Review can be reviewed by Rational Analytics’ integrated advanced machine-learning tools as an alternative to contract attorney review. A handful of knowledgeable attorneys review a small, representative sample of documents. RA’s algorithms enable the system to codify the intuition, judgment, and decision processes of these smart lawyers into a statistical model, and then automatically apply that model across a broad set of data. Each model is completely customized for the issue and the dataset at hand.

The result is improved review accuracy with massive reductions in time and cost – and an increase in the quality of lawyering. By providing transparency into the document characteristics learned by the engine as well as experts to testify to the validity of the process, our tool provides companies, their lawyers, and courts unparalleled confidence in its level of defensibility.

Internal Investigations

Installed in-house, Rational Review will bring the same level of search and analytics functionality normally used during litigation to internal investigations.

M&A Deal Room

Rational Review is ideally suited for deal room review and collaboration. Documents may be uploaded into the review platform, where rich security, control, and auditing are enabled. Security may be set all the way to the document level and all user actions may be controlled and audited.

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