The Rational Search and Analytics Engine integrates rich content search, analysis, and visualization capabilities into Rational Governance, Rational Review, and Rational Analytics  in support of Information Governance, e-discovery, and document review.

From the most basic to the most complex, our Search and Analytics Engine allows users of RG, RR, and RA to find what they are looking for via a combination of:

Key Word Search

Search by key word, using an intuitive UI and complex operators.

Metadata Search

Search the richest collection of metadata.

Concept Search

Search by the top ~n concepts within each document.

Document Theme & Gist Display

View the most meaningful topics and excerpt of a document.

Content Visualization

View large-scale content along multiple dimensions, including themes, time, custodian, and type.   

Communication Mapping

Search using a visual representation of who is communicating to whom, about what, and when.

Pre-Structured Search Templates

Use our Early Case Assessment function to search in response to a document request, and our Order of Proof form to organize arguments during litigation.

Duplicate and Near Duplicate Detection & Versioning

Only look at only one copy of the right version of a document.

Email Threading

View emails organized by thread.

Document Viewing & Tagging

View, tag, and code documents manually using a sophisticated yet user-friendly review pane.

Foreign Language Support

Search even character-based foreign language documents.

Enlarge Communications Mapping

Enlarge Communications Mapping