• Rational Enterprise

    transforms the way organizations think about information management and e-discovery by understanding and controlling data in place.

The nature and volume of information proliferation coupled with the amount of litigation and regulation organizations face has revealed an expensive and troubling problem with respect to how they manage their electronic data and conduct their discovery processes. Currently, companies attempt to reduce business risk by employing various fragmented and short-lived technologies and services that only create additional risks, impart huge hidden costs, and miss the opportunity unlock the value trapped inside the data they create and store.

Rational Enterprise transforms the way organizations think about information management, including e-discovery by providing a single software solution for:

  • Gaining visibility into and control over all corporate data in place;
  • Searching, reviewing, and producing discovered data; and
  • Automatically analyzing, classifying, and understanding data via advanced machine-learning technology.

The ROI of Rational Enterprise is significant, measurable, and ongoing. As organizations accept that proactive, in-place information management has significant positive impacts on e-discovery and begin to take control over their data, e-Discovery can be finally transformed from a clumsy, expensive, and disruptive burden into a natural extension of enterprise information GRC. Mitigating the risk and costs of enterprise data while simultaneously extracting the latent value locked within it will both improve the bottom line and an organization’s competitive position in the marketplace.

RE is a true end-to-end platform for information lifecycle management, security, compliance, retention, analysis, and e-Discovery. Although an end-to-end solution, the RE suite was expressly designed as components for flexible deployment, either in the cloud or on premises, and may be used in whole or in part as customer needs dictate.